FAQ's/Working Together


Direct and Engaged Style

My approach is best described as direct, engaged and yet fiercely kind. I am not the best fit for you if you only want a passive empathetic listening kind of approach, or have never been in therapy before. Ideally, you have had a relationship with a therapist for at least two years, and have processed the influences of your upbringing, your attachment style, and your basic mental landscape.

Must be ready for change

Most of us believe we want to change, but in actuality it takes tremendous courage to change your core narrative of the world, yourself and others. Being attached to our story of our lives often defines who we are. I am not not the best fit for you unless you are open to explore what those stories are and how there may be limiting beliefs keeping you stuck.

EMDR process

EMDR is amazing, highly effective and even at times, miraculous, but it is not a miracle-meaning, it is not done in just one session, and you have to be ready to change. 

In a session we start looking at your best and worst experiences in your life, and identify your core cognition. Then we first resource/enhance the opposite cognition with EMDR. We then pendulate to the core traumatic wound, whether a cognition, a sense, a somatic feeling, or a flashback. 

Often what one feels they need treatment for has a feeder memory that is keeping it stuck or more intensified. Do not be surprised if we start by exploring events that may initially seem unrelated.

General length of treatment

EMDR can be a minimum of 5 sessions to 2 years. However, it is definitely a more efficient process than classic talk therapy. The average client I work with often starts with weekly therapy for 3-6 months, then typically bi-monthly treatment for 6-12 months. After about a year, we will explore if monthly therapy seems the most appropriate, to be followed by ad hoc treatment as needed after 2 years of treatment. There is no guarantee to know the length of treatment, but my goal is to help you graduate from therapy and only need it on an ad hoc basis.

Ongoing support

Most of my clients become life long clients in the sense they can contact me for a session at any time even after the standard termination of therapy. I believe in your best self, and sometimes we need a booster to remind ourselves of our core strength and purpose in our life. 

Current Appointment Availability Status 

At this present time I am only accepting clients who have a primary therapist/psychiatrist/psychiatric nurse, or referred by a present or past client. I am presently full, and starting some new referrals in the Spring of 2020.