Meditation & Mindfulness



Meditation and Mindfulness are ancient practices that have recently become buzzwords in our daily lives. Meditation is both the act of sitting in silent upright posture with the goal of clearing the mind, and also the act of awareness in anything we do. Karen uses meditation in therapy to help one become the authentic self in all they do. Karen uses an integrative approach to meditation and therapy, and encourages each individual to investigate their inner world with the application of mindfulness, focus and virtuous conduct to enable the consistent growth of wisdom.

Cultural Influences

In Thailand, and other Asian countries, the concept of conscious mind with clear intention is applied not only to one self, but in family, community, business, and citizenship as a human in the larger cosmic world. Therefore, when the concept of karma and cause and effect is engrained in one's consciousness then there is less blame in individual acts, and more reflection on how one's behavior and actions affect others, and how one's reaction and emotions, are a choice one makes based on their own beliefs.

Buddhist Psychology

It is with this belief system that Karen uses a very practical and applied therapeutic approach to suffering and pain, and references Buddhist psychology concepts. Karen believes in the mind-body connection, and as such, will recommend the mind-body complementary medicine practice meditation, and will encourage clients to rule out any medical conditions and recommend natural approaches to health and wellness when necessary, as well as psychotropic medication consultation when necessary.


Karen will explore your belief in the larger concept of life, meaning, and discuss concepts such as karma and energy, and faith, and integrate your belief system whether atheist, agnostic or religious into the therapeutic approach, while also still referencing the concept of energy.

Applied mindfulness in the community

We all live amongst others, in a web of life, regardless of our solitary, introverted or extroverted temperament. Our actions impact the larger world. One's actions in the community and one's value system as a human will be explored, and the recognition that regardless of our innate value, there is a consequence/impact/place in the world.

Return to the breath

Regardless of one's life experience, trauma, acute trauma or crisis, Karen will often explore what is happening with your breath throughout session, and to explore the pause in between each breath.